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This Post Is For My Husband Linda [Oct. 9th, 2005|09:47 pm]
[mood |sillysilly]
[music |Radio]

Reply to this meme and I WILL (for I am bound by various memeish rules and codes of conduct):

1. respond with something random about you.

2. tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.

3. pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.

4. say something that only makes sense to you and I.

5. tell you my first/clearest memory of you.

6. tell you what animal you remind me of.

7. ask you something that I've always wondered about you.

But here, my friends, is the CATCH, as they say:

8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST.
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Another Update... Who would have thought [Aug. 3rd, 2005|08:55 pm]
[mood |boredbored]
[music |Marques Houston: Naked]

Yeah updating again. Nothing new happened to me at all today. I just stayed in my house doing a whole bunch of nothing. Its not like I could go anywhere today because my moms car is in the shop for some repairs cause of her damn ac so I was stuck anyways. And her car isn't expected to be fixed till like late tomorrow or Friday so it dampers plans. Did nothing today except read, play video games, did some wash, cooked dinner, and talked on the phone. Pretty uneventful but I am relaxed. This Scarlet Letter can burn in hell... i hate this damn book its so fucking boring. I am only on page 70 and it ends on 240 something so yeah do the math. The only good thing about tomorrow is some Lords Attic, and I am going to get me some STOP AND GO!!! I love their food and I am getting it tomorrow. So hopefully I will have something update worthy in the next couple of days. Time for my shower so I can be all fresh and clean.
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(no subject) [Aug. 2nd, 2005|04:14 pm]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |Destiny's Child: Survivor]

Wow its been a long time.... very long time since I updated here. Yes a lot of stuff did happen but i would be a dumb ass to list every thing and plus if you know me you would know whats been going on with me. Ok so for the most recent event was Emily's party.

Yeah her party was so much fun. It was a pool party and at first there was a division among people and groups formed leaving pretty much Christine, Sarah, Steph, Olivia, Linda, and me for the most part but towards the end of the party everybody hung out together which was good. Yeah I met all these people some I like more than others but we won't go there now will we? But most of them were pretty nice and I talked to quite a few of them. I did manage to have the spotlight on me and become the life of the party for a little by doing some karaoke. Yeah it was kinda bad due to the shittyness of my hoarse voice and plus I was in my ghetto mood but I def felt like it got the party goin. Then I was chillin mostly with B-DAWG and Olivia. Yeah B-Dawg and myself were complete dorks and we almost drowned cause I jumped on her but still fun had in the pool swimming around, having stuff sprayed all over my face, and just dancing, and having a great time

Remind me people that I need to get the book Submission it is quite an entertaining read might I say so myself. Vickie who I enjoyed talking to recommended the book White Girls who love Black Cock.... umm we'll see about that but I think it might be a bit too extreme for me . Well the night wouldn't be a night without some drama and worrying but whatever I can't change what goes through peoples head to make them do the things that they do. As much as I want to know, I'll eventually forget about it anyway and plus I read peoples myspaces to see the comments that were left on theirs. I feel like now though, I am getting stuck in all this drama and its stupid. I don't have a problem but if you want me to go right ahead. DRAMA... I LOVE IT! yeah... but you have no reason to get mad and if you are please try to come at me you will get fucking shut down so don't even try. I might be seen as a nice person, which I am but I can be a total bitch and can get loud like the best of them and you will catch the wrath of my attitude. But whatever these people can't hold me down and neither can these haters. So fuck you to all them and I am going to keep my head up high and it only makes me stronger.

Yeah nothing else is new. Choir Camp is still going to happen despite only having 19 campers. More are expected and we are going to call people to see if they are going and plus people do these damn forms last minute. But the classes they are going to have are cooking, drama, movement, art, and bells. If we get more campers, we might have more classes but we have to wait to see. But I am glad that it is still going to continue because it is a quite a highlight of my summer.

I have so much more summer reading to do. I still have to read one more book then do all the writing assignments/essays for the books that I am reading then defining definitions, reading chapters for US, writing two essays, and yet again defining more words. Junior year is going to be hell and it has not even started for me. I just am going to have to suck it up and pray to make it through without suffering a major breakdown from all my AP crap.

Yeah summer is almost done and all you people should call me up or im me to make some plans. Because I want to hang out with you people out there so make some plans, hit me up and I promise you it will be fun. Ok time for me to go to Olive Garden so I can get me some tasty food. Yay for me finally updating!
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Happy Easter Everybody [Mar. 27th, 2005|12:13 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

So I decided to update today because I am killing time waiting for all of my Buckiewicz family from New Jersey to come to my house for Easter. And as you all know, today is Easter so HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! So Easter is at my house again this year and I'm glad it is because I won't feel as rushed and I'll be relaxed. The only downside was the excessive cleaning I had to do and my mom who is being super bitchy. So I am being a good little boy and staying out of everyones way because if I get in the way, I for sure will start some drama and I will be running my mouth so I think its best to stay out of the way. And the worst part of today is that tomorrow since Peekskill schools are too stupid to give us monday off, I have school tomorrow which sucks big balls. So go ahead and have a few laughs hahaha LoL! Man I am I want this Easter to happen now this food smells too good to be just be sitting there.

Last night I went to Kristin's party. I had a fun time. I did Karaoke and I sang bootylicious with Marqui, Nikki, Marisa, and Pat Somma. It was funny and let me tell you I was getting into it. My booty was shaking along to the song. Omg i was being so stupid. During the song, I was screaming and I was like let me hear you make some noise and get onto the dance floor. But sadly, nobody listend to my screams and loudness. But I still put on a rocking show and I did the last part of the song and got a hearty applause. Us Peekskill Peoples tore down the house. Then I was dancing, us Peekskillians made a circle and we were dancing. I did the 1, 2 step and I was dancing with Jackie who was backing it up on me. I felt like I was stealing her from dan who was there to. But hey i don't care he should have been dancing. I also talked to Dan for a little bit. I mean it was weird cause I always think that he does not like me since that time from spring break when him, george, micah were talking all that shit over the phone. But I talked to him for a bit. And I think I might be liking someone again. Omg it is getting to that level again. But it wouldn't work because we are too good of friends and I have done that before and it ruins everything and plus I think we would be better off as friends. But I do like to hang around and flirt with this person and what not. So Kristin's party was fun and she looked really beautiful. I would have stayed longer but my crew left and I had nobody to roll deep with so I left and plus my side was killing me from the dancing I was showing my mom the previous night. So I enjoyed myself at the party and hopefully I will be partying it up more soon. Oh yeah I had fun talking to Jackie and Marqui's mom. Omg they are so cool and they keep it real. Plus I find they are easy to talk to.

And I am a dork but since it does not look like Tina is coming back for Choir Camp I want me and Olivia to run the movement class because the kids enjoyed the class as much as we did. So recently I have been making a dance routine with some fresh moves and rhythm and it looks good. The routine is coming out good but there are still some kinks that need to be fixed. Along with this dance I have to do the usual movement dances for the performance because my fresh hip hop routine would give the people at Choir Camp a heart attack because there is a lot of hip moving, booty shaking and a lot of attitude with a ghettoness flavor. But I am a loser for making up my own routine. Oh how I wish Choir Camp would come sooner so I can laugh, sing, dance, and be crazy, and most importantly just be Patrick.

So here goes an update. I hope all of you have a HAPPY EASTER! Well time to finish up last minute homework and wait around till everyone arrives. Bye!!
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Finally an UPDATE [Mar. 20th, 2005|04:52 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Jennifer Lopez and Fat Joe: Hold You Down]

I don't feel like doing my homework so here's an update! I am going to write about the recent stuff that has happened and then later on, I will try to write about the past events that have been going on.

Yesterday was the Roast Beef Dinner at church and it was good although the attendance was not at our usual high. When we started at 5, half of the tables were filled up but not much got filled after that. At one time, I think maybe all of the tables got filled at one point but that’s it. Although the attendance was low, the food was amazing and it was a fun time. I was a waiter as usual, and it did not get that busy thank god! I talked to Hilda a little you know the gossip and what not! All in all a fun time. Livvie you missed a fun night, and I hope you feel better.

Today at church, I rang bells with Mary. We did two songs during the service. It felt so weird playing bells but I still enjoyed myself. We did pretty good we did not get cued in at the end for the final notes so I took matters into my own hands and it came out good. Mary was a little off rhythm but that’s expected because she does not have that much music experience so it would be hard for her. The Lords Attic has been doing tremendous and we made 1500 for the month of March and March is not even done yet. I love the Lords Attic and I might be the next volunteer on spotlight which means that I can read about myself as they write a wonderful summary about me.

School is school. I am so sick and tired of all this work. I have a crapload to do today and it seems like it is never going to go away. But I have to keep telling myself that there are less than 3 months of school, less than three months, less than three months. But then Junior year starts. This means I am going to suffer from excessive work and I hope that I do not fold and breakdown from all of that work

Olivia came over last week and we had a lot of fun. She was all into my video games like my karaoke game, and she tried the Dance Dance Revolution game but it’s not her thing. And yet again I bet her butt in Pokemon Stadium, thus proving I AM THE BEST! We also looked in yearbooks, looked at stuff in drawers, and talked our usual nonsense. Had pizza and just had a lot of fun as usual.

Oh yeah and I got some interesting gossip. Danny Martinez is bisexual. I am not against people that are gay and bisexual but when he told me it came as a shock. I mean Danny is not open to telling people his business and what not but he goes out with Jerell and there was a love triangle. I mean three guys and a love triangle so I was interested and what not and I asked him a lot of questions and what not. But in return, I got way too much info. I mean I do not need to know about what you do at each others houses. I got a nasty pic in my head from all of the stuff he was telling me. But after everything he told me, I was still confused and I really don’t understand that whole bisexual thing. I mean, I think you either like one or the other but hey I wouldn’t know nor will I ever understand. Also he tries to get up in my face, excuse me if you do not want people knowing then do not spread your business to everyone then. He is such an asshole and if he keeps doing what he is doing, he is going to get anal leakage now that won’t be fun will it.

I am having Easter at my house. It’s going to be fun at my house, I won’t feel rushed and I’ll be relaxed. The only downside is that I am going to have to clean a lot and I mean a lot. My house is in no way ready for people to be coming up in here. Also during spring break, I am going to go up to my brother’s college and live the college life. Idk how it is going to go, but I anticipate I will have some fun and not very much sleep. I wonder what wild and crazy things I’ll get myself into there.

I think that’s enough now and I hope I get to hang out and have fun with all of my friends very soon. It is time to return to my homework. I’ll update about other things that I forgot to write about some other time. Later!
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Me Being Nosy [Mar. 5th, 2005|10:01 pm]
[mood |gigglygiggly]
[music |Mystikal: Shake Ya Ass]

Ok, well I know it is a shock for you to see me updating but its going to be short. Ok I was doing some homework when I started to hear some people outside. Sure enough, I look out its my neighbor Roxanne. For all of those out there who don't know shes my neighbor and she is twenty and Puerto Rican and is thick but pretty. Well I look out my window and shes with her boyfriend who be coming up in my development everyday. His names like Jibril, Daquan something like that and let me tell you he is obsessed. Ok one time he was waiting for her for like three hours and he was eating some KFC on his car waiting. He looked like some crazy stalker and I was about to hit him up for some fried chicken, and a biscuit. Ok so just now Roxanne and her man lets call him Jibril lol, come out of her car. Well it seems that either she is drunk or she had the laughing bug but she was enjoying herself out there. Well they were flirting and what not he was playing keep away with her bag and then she got it and threw it on the ground and then they were play fighting and here is when it gets good. They were play fighting and Roxanne was laughing and he was you know trying to talk all pimp and then they started to kiss and make out and I was like omg. This went on for like two minutes. They were making out and then she was sitting on the front of her dads car and they continued to do their thing. Meanwhile from my room looking out my window tryin to be slick, I was like you go Roxanne do your thing girl and then after making out and whispering and some touching they stopped. And then Jibril was like yo can I get some more of that and then Roxanne laughed and flashed a smile and whispered something to him I was like some nosy people want to see some more. But then he was holding her and carrying her around and laughing and then they went inside. I was mad and what not but then I was going mhmmmmmmmmm because I know what is going to down next. And I don't think I need to give you any hints now. But omg it was very entertaining they better be doing that more often. I wonder what is going on now. I mean her parents are home but she could go down in that basement and do her thing. Next time I see her I am going to give her some props or something. Nah I won't do that she probably thinks I am some weird freak kid already. I don't care I am nosy and weird and damn proud.

After my exciting entertainment from my window, I am going to take a shower. I am going to try to update tomorrow on my recent events in my life. I wish they had the ghetto mood. Shower time!
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The Recent Events In My Life [Jan. 28th, 2005|11:56 am]
[mood |busybusy]
[music |Green Day: Boulevard of Broken Dreams]

Omg guys where have I been? Obviously not updating here thats for sure. Well I am going to sum up the major events that have happened to me recently.

Beauty and the Beast: I went to see Beauty and the Beast on January 13 with my mom, brother, and Joseph. Contrary to what people think, Joseph and I are still close and are still good friends even though we do not see each other as much as we would like to. Before we went out to the show, we went to go eat at Hugos. Now normally, the food there is good, but if you go there, I recommend to not have the pizza there! It was disgusting and not worth your time or your money! After attempting to eat a couple of slices, I had to go to the coffee house for some personal reasons and then we went down to the Riverfront to go wait for our train. While waiting, me and Joe were acting all loud and ghetto and we were laughing a lot. My brother was acting all stupid and I was glad to get out the cold when the train finally came. The train ride had to be the best ever! We were gossiping about everything such as the contagious pregnancy going around in our school. It seems like all the girls are having difficulties closing their legs! I was laughing so hard that by accident I hit the guy’s chair which just led to me laughing more like an idiot. When we got into the city, we could not find where the play and it was funny as we were walking aimlessly across the city trying to find the play and watching my brother slowly lose his temper. We finally did arrive at the play and missed about a half and hour but I saw the best parts of beauty and the beast. The play was good, kinda sexual but it was very funny none the less. The train ride home was just as good and filled with many laughs with our long range of topics discussed. I also didn’t go to school the next day so I was happy about that.

Sweet 16 Party: On the 15th I went to my friend Shantale’s sweet 16 party at Colonial Terrace. The party was good and it was not wack. She was at her party on time, and people danced and it was not even close to the wackness Janessa had at her party. Shantale looked good and although I didn’t meet anyone I mostly hanged out with Danielle, Josh’s girlfriend and I got to know her better. I have to admit there was a little segregation at first because Josh, Danielle, and I were the only white people there but once more people started to come in the stares went away. And I wasn’t going to dance but Shantale pulled me out of my chair and they made a circle around me and I danced a little and then this girl Joanna came and danced with me and I was so bad. It was worse than usual and it kinda looked like I was doing the George. But at least it wasn’t as bad as Janessas party when I was getting wild. All in all, it was a good party and I enjoyed myself good and it seemed like everyone else had a good time too.

Movie/Dinner: On the 16th I was originally going to attend the JFK basketball but due to the death of Nolan they had to postpone it. Although I did not Nolan, he seemed like a great young man and always brightened up a day no matter what the circumstances were. So instead of going to the game, me and Olivia went to go eat at Applebees and go see the Meet The Fockers. It was a great time even though it was so freakin cold outside! At Applebees we had our grub and gossiped and made plans for our Jillian Anderson. There were a lot of laughs. We finished early so we went to Walmart and Olivia bought a cd and we walked around the store being our loud selves and avoiding a lot of people it was fun to play some hide and seek from people. The movie was hilarious and I had a great night.

MLK Jr. Day: This was the highlight of my four day weekend. All of my fellow Gods Groupies got together at Linda’s house for our Rocky Horror/ Godspell party. I had such a fantastic time. Me and Olivia arrived there first and we waited for Liz and while we waited I went on the treadmill and almost fell flat on my ass. Linda then hid the treadmill key from me and it was an adventure as I tried to find this key. When Liz came we watched some Godspell and I danced and sang along to some of the songs and it was a good movie and I enjoyed it. Then my ADD started to kick in and My Rocky Horror had to come on. It is still an amazing movie and Linda was singing along and reciting lines and I would come in and sing and dance along with Linda. Liz seemed to enjoy the movie although she was extremely confused about the plot but she was laughing along to the crazy Dr. Frakenfurter antics. After Rocky Horror ended, we got some doritos and oreos and pigged out while we watched the end of Godspell. I have to see that movie again because it was enjoyable to watch. After the movie we talked, and sang choir camp which brought back memories of Choir Camp. I love my Choir Camp songs and my Gods Groupies. We took some pictures and we all became picture whores. The pictures were so funny and now Linda posted them and I must say they look fantastic and they are so funny. I had such a great time at Linda’s and we have to do that again soon and I mean soon! Oh yeah Linda got her pants back and I found the key to the treadmill and I was running on it. But Linda had to take the key back and she hid it. What an enjoyable day with my Gods Groupies. There were so many laughs and memories that were had on that day. Another party is going to be in the works soon!

Then I had midterms for the week and some were hard others easy and I hope I do well on all of them. Nothing really went on school and now that is Regents Week, I enjoyed myself and got some rest and I was glad that I did not have to be in school for the rest of the week. Also I forgot to say that we took Kevin back to college. It was nice to have him home and I actually enjoyed having him home and we had gun with our video games, and being annoying to each other. I went to the mall with my mom on Tuesday and I bought some clothes and we also went out to King Buffet to get us some Chinese food since we haven’t had any for the longest time. It was so delicious and nice to have. Yesterday I went to the Lords Attic with my mom and it was so slow. We only mad 23.50 and only one person came in the afternoon and she brought a two dollar thing. It was boring with the lack of customers but Kathy, Faye, Mary, my mom, and I had some interesting conversations about a wide variety of topics.

Well this is a very long entry and I hope that I begin to write more frequently. I hope to get in touch with all of you and see you soon. Time to clean, do some homework, and then have some lunch. I finally updated so I hope all of you readers out there are happy.
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Happy New Year!!!! [Jan. 1st, 2005|11:28 am]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |Destinys Child: T-Shirt]

Wow I have not written in here for quite a while so lets sum some things up. That busy week was a very busy week. The auction went well but the attendance was a little lousy and some people did not help out that came late but oh well. I still had fun and I cannot wait when I am a senior to get some scholarship money. The concert was alright, band did good except for like a song and a half which sounded like crap and the choruses sounded good but I just hate having it at the Paramount cause it is a waste of time and too much work goes into for a long dragged out concert. Changes have to be made and I am not afraid to say something about it.

Winter Break has done well for me but I have had so much damn homework. Its crazy and these teachers need to calm down. This is a short break and the assignments they have handed out make it seem like I am going to be gone for a month. I am halfway done but I am just going to have buckle down and get it done. Christmas was good to me I got some cds, clothes, a karaoke video game, a new wallet, some fun board games, sims 2, law and order 2, and a lot more. It was great to be with my family up in Jersey and I enjoyed myself. My brother is home and its kinda fun having him back but that attitude needs to get checked sometimes cause I don't know who he is getting loud with and it is not me.

Last night was great! I went to the Boniellos and usually I get bored or feel out of place but last night was so much fun. My home girl Tamika was there and she was plastered. And when she gets drunk she starts talking a bunch of nonsense and it was funny. I had some gin mixed with seltzer and it tasted like fresh apples but it did not sit well because my stomach was hurting. We watched dodgeball, i talked with Marisa for a bit and shes cool. And just being involved in the craziness at their house is so much fun. I could not stop laughing. The whole night was filled with amazing convos and I can't wait till their next party!

Today is such a beautiful day so I am going to be going outside after I eat my lunch to play tennis with mi padre. I hope you all have a Happy New Year and I hope I get to see all of you soon.
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Busy, Busy Week! [Dec. 13th, 2004|07:47 pm]
[mood |busybusy]
[music |Keep on Keepin On- JoJo]

Well nothing new here except that xanga is not working and that I have a very busy week ahead of me. Tomorrow I have a trip to the Holocaust museum in NYC and I expect to have some fun and the Holocaust is one of my favorite topics in history so I expect to enjoy myself. Wednesday I have concert rehearsals all day so I am out of school again and then later on I have the holiday auction for student council from like 6 to 11. Thursday is the night of the concert and my brother is coming home so it will be busy and on Friday I am going to be taking a well deserved break. Oh yeah and on Saturday I am singing a solo for my church Christmas Pageant so I am excited for that. Then on Sunday, I have to work at Lords Attic which is so fun! Lets hope I make it through this week in one piece.

Joseph's great grandmother died today so prayers for him and his family. I am generally happy so I am now going to go take a shower and finish my homework. I can't wait till the 23rd of December at 2:45 pm when I am officially out of school for Christmas break. Later!
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My First Entry!!!!!!!! [Dec. 11th, 2004|03:14 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |Dare You to Move-Switchfoot]

Hey guys its me Patrick. I know that it is a shock for all of you but I have finally updated this Livejournal. I am not going to try to make any promises about updating but be glad I have finally posted my first entry . Well nothing new really so I will finish my homework and write again later when there is something to talk about.

Leave me some comments so I can hear from you all!
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